A cultural and historical study connecting the languages of French, Catalan and Spanish represented with three items enclosed in a finished maple box. A Catelogue with a history of the Catalan region, A Process book that is designed to encourage language learning through the use of suffixes and finally a poster of unusual idiomic expressions in Castillano, Catalan and French.

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The Box

The box for this project was carefully designed to both contain and represent the pieces within. Made out of maple, the box has a slim lid with a thumb hole that slides open and shut. Inside the box, there are thin wooden notches to keep the books and poster layered in place.

The Catalogue

Through language, this catalogue explores the historical connection between France, Spain and Catalonia. Through a common root in all three languages the messy and exploitative connections of this region are revealed.

The Process Book

Memorization of suffixes can make the process of learning a new language more simple, the Process book is an introduction to the suffixes in English, French, Catalan and Spanish.

The Poster

A collection of odd idioms or expressions sectioned into Spanish, Catalan and French which are translated into their literal and figurative meanings.