Cataluña is an unconventional travel kit that gives the user an experience that runs off the beaten path.

It is designed to give a newcomer or traveler a ‘local’ experience in Barcelona. Complete with a travel app, a website, a book of locations, a small hand-held collection of Spanish expressions, shoes & a scarf.

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The App

The digital version of the Urban Neighbourhood Guide in the form of an app. Each neighbourhood is described along with information of three different venues. A unique feature to this app is the Explore section, where the user is given the option of a surprise location based on a randomly selected question.

Locality Kit

The Locality Kit is designed to give visitors of Barcelona a ‘local’ experience. Complete with neighbourhood descriptions and venue guides from obscure to notorious, this book is designed to take you on a unique tour of the city. The kit comes with 2 boxes which contain The Urban Neighbourhood Guide, an Expressions Flip Book of common sayings in Barcelona, a pair of Espadrills and a Scarf with a hidden map of the city.