A series of illustration based projects that encompass mixed media from book media to motion graphics.

  • Project Type
  • Illustration
  • Composition
  • Typography
  • Promotion
  • Animation

A Series of Pedantic Events

In this book, each letter from A to Z is coupled an uncommon word and its definition. The significance of the words are illustrated with oddly charming charactes who actively become the letters of the words they represent.

Through use of perspective, colour and light, these compositions too, was designed to encourage the viewer to imagine themselves within the story created in this piece.

Barcelona Docs

Barcelona Docs Film Festival takes place annually in summer. This large cinematic event for non-fiction film attracts an international crowd who have come to see both innovative new films as well as classics.

Ms. Marple “A Pocket Full of Rye”Animation

When a handful of grain is found in the pocket of a murdered businessman, Miss Marple seeks a murderer with a penchant for nursery rhymes. This short animated title sequence uses symbolism, music and typography to set a quirky, yet eerie tone.